Therapeutic Area Expertise
The largest therapeutic area for Phase 1 to 4 is metabolism. Phase 1 to 4 also has experience in cardiovascular disease, thrombosis and immunology. While the mix is different all areas tap in to the same methodologies. Phase 1 to 4’s critical contribution is to provide an integrated view of all the methodologies available and apply them effectively and efficiently irrespective of therapeutic area.

Project Portfolio
Careful management of the project portfolio is important for company success. An attractive portfolio has to balance resource requirements at various stages of the drug development process while utilizing the specific company's strengths optimally. Such strenghts could be already existing products, a technology platform or excellence at a specific part of the development process. Other critical variables are the probability of success as well as the challenges in the choice of development path. IMD brings an integrated view of all those variables and can thus help provide a basis for sound decisions.