Critical information path
After thorough review of clients’ pre-clinical and clinical data as well as the scientific and medical knowledge base to date, Phase 1 to 4 identifies key pieces of information necessary to move clinical development forward at the critical junctures.  Phase 1 to 4 produces Clinical Development Plans including essential components of trial design to meet those needs and thus move development rapidly forward.  Importantly, trial designs include the latest technology including adaptive designs to make development efficient and the services include providing the necessary support to obtain agency agreement before execution.
Commercialization platform
Market adoption rather than registration ultimately defines success and to reflect that development plans are generated to yield data well suited to serve promotional needs in addition to registration purposes.
Adaptation to client resources
Development plans are adapted to the specific client’s various resource constraints whether they are financial or infrastructure related.  For companies with limited resources, plans are designed to yield a steady stream of data to show progression towards registration.  This maximizes clients’ negotiation position in talks with either potential partners or the financing community.